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Palmetto Processing Solutions Products

Our products are available in the following forms:
Product Slices

IQF slices and dices, 30lb, 40lb box

Product Peach Slices Bag

IQF polybag
(customized to your specs), 30lb pails

Product Peach Dices

Block frozen slices and dices, 30lb, 40lb box, 55 gallon drums

Product Puree

Single-strength aseptic and frozen puree, 55 gallon drums, 30 pound pail

Product Strawberries

IQF whole, slices, and dices, 30lb, 40lb box

Product Peach Cup

Peach Cup

Product Strawberries Cup

Strawberry Cup

Product Mixed Berries

Mixed Berry Cup

Product Peaches Blueberries Cup

Peach Blueberry Cup

From peach to package

How Titan Farms Cuts Food Waste By 95%
Process Step1 Harvesting
Process Step2 Processing
Process Step3 Packing
Process Step4 Selling
Process Step5 Shipping